BRESSNER Technology offers you high-quality complete systems, components and accessories for any conceivable area in the industrial environment:

Machine Automation | Production halls | Factory automation | Automotive | Warehouse Logistics | Transport | Industry 4.0 | Networks | Intelligent Retail | Medical Technology | Security | Military and Defense | Aerial and Marine | Outdoor use – the possibilities are almost unlimited.

As a system house and value-added distributor, we offer you individual solutions, perfectly matched to your application and with excellent pre- and after-sales service!

Industrial Computing

Industrial computer systems are used in numerous industrial sectors, for example in robotics, process visualization, industrial automation, but also in test benches. Due to the variety of applications, standard systems are often insufficient. Therefore the development of individual systems is necessary. Not only do industrial PCs have to meet high demands on operational safety, they also have to cope with the harsh conditions in extreme operating environments.

You need embedded computers, embedded boards, industrial motherboards or fanless systems, which are industrially compatible and ideally equipped with the latest Intel® processors of the Skylake generation? Then you are exactly right with BRESSNER. Discover complete tailor-made concepts or configure individual components to suit your individual requirements. All systems are equipped with a VESA mount for wall mounting. In addition, you will find DIN rail variations for DIN rail PCs.

Are you looking for panel PCs and industrial touch displays for a successful POS appearance? Discover various display solutions with open frame, chassis or panel mount housing types as well as fanless panel PCs or variants with fans.

The display of relevant product information or current bargains at a point of sale (POS) terminal intensifies the direct shopping experience and ensures increasing sales figures. In the past, mainly cardboard displays, posters and banners were used for this, but more and more companies now rely on highly professional multi-touch display solutions that can be brought up to date without delay and thus enable a convincing brand presentation close to the customer.

Support interactive applications with monitors up to 65 inches in screen size and multi-touch, resistive-touch, IR and SAW touch-screen technology terminals, taking your customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

Display Solutions
Mobile Computing

Mobile communication in companies is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. This requires compact and easy-to-use mobile solutions that are flexible, lightweight, and universally applicable, while meeting all requirements towards reliability and sturdiness. This is where BRESSNER Technology comes into play – your reliable partner for mobile computing.

Make your choice from water- and dust-protected rugged tablets, handheld computers and mobile POS systems with Android or Windows OS and features such as barcode scanners, RFID readers or LTE connectivity. Whether for logistics and transport, for factories and outdoor use or as an mPOS device – our mobile devices have been specially designed for use in extreme environments and withstand drops of up to one and a half meters. Additionally, you will find suitable accessories such as docking stations, replaceable batteries and shoulder straps for improved comfort.

Flash memory for the industrial sector is subject to significantly higher requirements than storage solutions for the consumer sector. They must be robust and vibration-proof, wear-resistant and reliable, and fully perform their tasks even in extreme temperature conditions. Customer-specific adaptations are just as possible as a simple integration into existing company structures.

If you are looking for high-quality industrial flash memory solutions for your company, you will definitely find what you are looking for on our website. Our product range includes SSDs, memory cards, embedded modules and DRAM modules as well as industrial NAND flash memories with SLC, MLC, aMLC and 3D MLC. With capacities of up to 1 terabyte, the storage space is extremely generous. In addition, they offer a high read and write speed and an extended temperature range, which ensures the failure protection and data security even during extreme cold or heat.

Industrial Flash
High Performance Computing

Whereas high-performance computing (HPC) was reserved for research institutions and large companies until a few years ago, companies of all sizes and industries can now use HPC systems. Whether developing products or parts, optimizing production processes or analyzing large amounts of data – high computing and storage capacities create a competitive advantage and are becoming an increasingly important factor in business success.

BESSNER improvess your servers, data centers and other industrial applications with HPC solutions such as GPU extensions, PCIe expansions and flash storage arrays with an increased computing power. From individual components such as PCIe adapters and cables to expansion systems with up to 16 slots, you will find everything you need to improve your company’s infrastructure. Take advantage of our products for example in the oil and gas production, in the medical technology, for machine learning or for VDI applications and benefit from cost efficiency and more advantages.

Businesses who want to successfully participate in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector have to protect themselves from targeted attacks that could have a critical impact. Whether ethernet or WLAN – security must be ensured not only in terms of data exchange, but also with regard to the safe operation of production facilities, power grids and other highly sensitive industrial applications. BRESSNER offers you a variety of solutions that make the existence of your company safer in an increasingly connected world.

You want to make data transfer between workstations, monitoring systems and machines more efficient and thus safer, or minimize the potential risk in complex manufacturing processes. Then we are the right contact person. As a distribution partner of DIGI International, we offer industrial connectivity solutions such as wireless M2M and cellular routers with ethernet switches. As a channel partner of B+B Smartworx, we offer you a wide range of serial and media converters, serial servers and serial switches. In addition, we have a broad variety of device networking products that can be connected wirelessly or via ethernet to your corporate network.

Connectivity & IoT
Medical Solutions

The medical sector requires reliable IT solutions that meet the strict requirements for medical diagnosis, therapy and documentation of the treatment process.  The device standard DIN EN 60601-1, which defines safety requirements for medical technology and medical systems, is particularly relevant. Due to the high standards of hygiene, medical computers and other devices must be impervious to moisture, easy to clean and disinfectable. At the same time, they should operate quietly to ensure a comfortable environment for the patient.

On our website you will find a variety of medical solutions for hospitals or medical practices. Starting with modern medical carts to medical panel PCs for diagnosis or visualization to infotainment displays with high viewing angle and multi-touch screen, we offer you high-quality technologies for everyday medical environment. Our range is complemented by easy-to-use accessories such as dust and water-proof keyboards and mice, display brackets and wall workstations with a support rail.

The success of a company depends on efficient internal and external information exchange. A good starting point for this is Unified Communications, the unified  integration of all major communication services such as telephone, fax, web, audio and video conferencing and instant messaging on a common, enterprise-wide platform, that is completely time- and location-independent.

From Skype for Business solutions like adds4b – basic, the FonComfort telephony suite, UCBox Full – Express and UCBox CCE – Express to SS7 carrier systems and media / fax cards, the BRESSNER portfolio includes everything you need to integrate effective telecommunications into you company structure. Install Skype for Business in your organization with our complete UCBox solutions, which are also compatible with Office 365 through the cloud and enrich your daily office communications with our user-friendly telephony features! At the same time, our solutions ensure complete security, control and compliance from individual users to entire enterprises.

Unified Communications