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Technical Support - Industrial Hardware

Support for Industrial Hardware

Contact our technical support when facing issues or defects on one of the following purchased device types (or in case of general technical questions):

  • Embedded computers & 19″ industrie PC’s
  • Mini & box PC’s
  • PC components or accessories
  • Panel PC’s & touch displays
  • Rugged tablets & handheld computers
  • Industrial flash storage devices
  • GPU- or PCIe expansions
  • Ethernet switches & cellular routers
  • Wireless IoT solutions & serial servers
  • Adapter & other switches
  • Medical displays, PC’s & accessories
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Technical Support - Unified Communications

Support for Unified Communications

Contact our UC support team when facing issues or questions on one of the following purchased telecommunication hardware or software products:

  • FonComfort™ Professional
  • FonComfort™ QuickLink
  • FonComfort™ Lite
  • FonComfort™ Server
  • adds4b™ – basic
  • UCBox Full-Express or CCE-Express
  • UCBox Presenter or UCBox Gateway
  • KUANDO Busylights
  • IP phones or headsets
  • Media or fax cards
  • SS7 carrier
  • Dialogic® hardware
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