Dialogic SS7LDH4 PCIe

Dialogic Art. No. 310-944

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Dialogic SS7LDH4 PCIe

  • SS7 network interface board
  • Offers SS7 signaling
  • Up to 200 calls per second
  • 4x E1/T1 interface
  • PCIe, half size form factor
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Digital Interfaces

  • 4 E1, T1 (software selectable on a per trunk basis)
  • High impedance selectable for monitoring
  • Selectable synchronization source from any line interface

Pulse Mask, Data Rate, Frame Format

  • T1 ANSI T1.403, E1 ITU-T G.703
  • T1 1544 kbps ± 50 ppm, E1 2048 kbps ± 50 ppm
  • T1 D3/D4 and ESF, E1 and E1-CRC4

Line Codes, Connector Type

  • HDB3, B8ZS
  • RJ-48C

Host Interface

  • PCI Express compatible as a 1-lane that can be installed in 1, 4, 8, or 16 lane PCI Express slots
  • Bus speed 1 x PCI-Express lane (2.5 Gbps, full-duplex)
  • Up to maximum 16 boards per system

Channelized Links

  • 2 or 4 channelized 64 kbps MTP Low Speed Links (LSL)
  • High impedance monitoring of 4 or 8 uni-directional links

Protocol Execution, Network Protocol Execution

  • MTP2 onboard, higher levels on host
  • SS7 (MTP1 & MTP2)

HDLC Monitoring

  • Passive monitoring of HDLC format data links including, SS7, LAPB, LAPD, ISDN, and DPNSS


The Dialogic® DSI SS7LDH4 Network Interface Board offers SS7 network connectivity to service nodes handling low volumes of signaling traffic (for example, 200 calls per second or less), and its half-sized PCI Express form factor helps reduce deployment costs. These characteristics, in addition to the ability to choose a bundle of circuit protocols in capacities suitable for small configurations, can help businesses meet the price points needed for success in a highly competitive segment of the market.

The DSI SS7LDH4 can deliver cost-effective signaling functionality for value-added services, such as call completion, prepaid calling, and call routing applications.

The DSI SS7LDH4 supports the Dialogic® DSI SS7 Stack, allowing API-level compatibility with applications developed for other Dialogic® DSI SS7 Boards, including the Dialogic® DSI SPCI Network Interface Boards. Application development for the SS7LDH4 is accelerated by a comprehensive suite of test utilities, sample code, and user-part programming guides.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 12 cm
Produkte (SS7 Carrier)
Datasheet: Dialogic SS7LDH4 PCIe