Micron M500IT MLC SSD 256GB

Micron Part.No.: MTFDDAK256MBD-1AK12ITYY

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Micron M500IT MLC SSD 256GB

  • Industrial SSD
  • Capacity: 256GB
  • Power-Loss Protection
  • Temp.: -40°C ~ +85°C
  • high energy efficiency
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Flash Type:

  • MLC (Multi-Level-Cell) NAND Flash


  • 256GB


  • Sequential Read: up to 500MB/Sek.
  • Sequential Write: uo to 250MB/Sek.


  • SATA 6 Gb/s


  • TBW** (max.) : 240TB
  • MTTF: 3 million device hours


  • 2,5″ x 7mm form factor


  • Robust Data Security
  • Data Path Protection
  • Power-Loss Protection
  • Responsive Performance
  • Low Power Consumption


Industrial SSDs  for Surveillance Edge Storage

Micron’s solid state drive (SSD) uses a single-chip controller with a SATA interface on
the system side and eight channels of Micron NAND Flash internally. Packaged in an
HDD replacement enclosure, the SSD integrates easily in existing storage infrastructures.
The SSD is designed to use the SATA interface efficiently during both READs and
WRITEs while delivering bandwidth-focused performance. SSD technology enables enhanced
boot times, faster application load times, reduced power consumption, and extended
reliability. The self-encrypting drive (SED) features a FIPS-compliant, AES-256 encryption engine,
providing hardware-based, secure data encryption, with no loss of SSD performance.
This SED follows the TCG/Opal specification for trusted peripherals.
When TCG/Opal features are not enabled, the device can perform alternate data encryption
by invoking the ATA security command set encryption features, to provide fulldisk
encryption (FDE) managed in the host system BIOS. TCG/Opal and ATA security
feature sets cannot be enabled simultaneously.
The data encryption is always running; however, encryption keys are not managed and
the data is not secure until either TCG/Opal or ATA security feature sets are enabled.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 12 cm
Speicherart (SSD)


Hersteller (SSD)


Temperatur (SSD)

-40° ~ 85°C

Formfaktor (Industrial SSD)


Kapazität (SSD)

240 / 256 GB

Produkte (SSD)


Datasheet: Micron M500IT MLC SSD 256GB