9250 w.s Standalone Intelligent Supercapacitor-based Uninterruptible Power Backup Module


  • Standalone emergency power module
  • Compatible with all box PCs
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to 65°C
  • Energy capacity 9250 watt seconds
  • Maximum 180 W Output power
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  • 8x 370F, 3.0V supercapacitors


  • 9250 watt-second

Expected lifespan:

  • >10 years*

Cycle life:

  • 500,000 charging/ discharging cycles*

Input Voltage:

  • 12~ 35VDC

Input Connector:

  • 1x 3-pin pluggable terminal block (V+, GND, IGN_IN)

Output Voltage:

  • Charge mode: DC_IN bypass (DC_OUT = DC_IN)
  • Discharge mode: 12 or 24V

Output Power:

  • Maximum 180W output**

Output Connector:

  • 1x 3-pin pluggable terminal block (V+, GND, IGN_OUT)

COM Port:

  • 1x DB9 for 3-wire RS-232

Iso. DIO:

  • 1x 10-pin pluggable terminal block for
    • – PWR_BTN# output
    • – SYS_STAT input


  • 82.5mm(W) x 175.2mm(H) x 128.2mm(D)


  • 1.7kg


  • DIN-rail mounting and wall-mounting

Operating Temperature:

  • -25°C ~ 65°C
  • -40°C ~ 85°C with reduced energy capacity

Storage Temperature:

  • -40°C ~ 85°C


  • Compliant with IEC61373:2010, Category 1, Class B Body mounted (part of EN50155)


  • Compliant with IEC61373:2010, Category 1, Class B Body mounted (part of EN50155)


  • Compliant with EN50155:2007,
  • CE/FCC Class A, according to EN 55032 & EN 55035

* To achieve > 10 years lifespan under 24/7 at 65°C operation, please charge PB-9250J-SA to 6525J energy level using the 4.8x SuperCAP Lifetime Extension setting (please refer to the user manual for details). Once the rated lifetime or cycle life has been reached, the capacity of supercapacitor may decrease up to 30% and ESR may increase up to 100% from initial values.
** Backup time for uninterruptible operation may be reduced when sustaining a back-end system with high power consumption.


The PB-9250J-SA is a standalone emergency power module that can protect your Box PC from power failures. The module uses the latest super capacitor technology and remains operational even in the harshest operating environments with temperatures ranging from -25°C to 65°C – for a lifetime of over 10 years.

The PB-9250J-SA consists of eight 370 F/3 V supercapacitors, which have a much longer life than the 2.7 V capacitors otherwise used. They store 9250 watt seconds of energy, providing your system with a way to protect it even during long power outages. Thanks to patented CAP energy management technology, the module is able to reliably supply the downstream system with 180 W of power and automatically manage system startup and shutdown without the installation of additional drivers or software. In addition to the two main operating modes, in which the module behaves like a UPS module, this system also offers two advanced operating modes with ignition control for vehicle applications. The PB-9250J-SA can be used in conjunction with standard box PCs or with vehicle on-board controllers to provide a stable power supply or to initiate user configurable delays for switching the power supply on or off via the ignition signal input.

With its versatile operating modes, automatic shutdown control and up to 180 W output power, the PB-9250J-SA works with most of the box PCs on the market. With its functions such as maintenance-free energy storage and uninterruptible power supply, the PB-9250J-SA can prevent data loss in the connected backend systems in case of a power failure even in harsh industrial environments!

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 12 cm
Steckplätze (Box-PC)
Temperatur (BOX-PC)
Prozessor (Box-PC)
Anschlüsse (Box-PC)
Datasheet: PB-9250J-SA

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