• Mini-SAS x4
  • Up to 3 Meter Length
  • SFF-8644-Connector
  • CMI (Cable Management Interface)
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Connection cable to host interface boards of the HIBxx family

Available lenghts:

  • 1m (OSS-mSAS-CBL-x4-C-1M)
  • 2m (OSS-mSAS-CBL-x4-C-2M)
  • 3m (OSS-mSAS-CBL-x4-C-3M)

Single or multiple cables can from larger PCIe links:

  • x4 = 1 Kabel
  • x8 = 2 Kabel
  • x16 = 4 Kabel

Allows transfers to and from the host up to 6GB/s


  • CE
  • WEEE
  • RoHS2


Mini-SAS HD Cable with CMI

Gen 3 and Gen 4 PCI Express (PCIe) share the same cable with SAS for high speed signaling up to 3m in length. This passive copper cable mates to the SFF-8644 connectors on the HIB6xx family of OSS host interface boards and includes the CMI (cable management interface) and serialized EEPROMs in the cable backshell. For x4, please order one cable. For x8, please order two cables. For x16, please order 4 cables.

*Gen 4 cables are REQUIRED to support Gen 4 bandwidth and OSS Gen 4 products.

Among the major PCIe expansion components include expansion card, PCIe cable adapters and backplanes. These are available in different designs, so there is a suitable product for every need and requirement. Cable with bandwidth of x1 to x16 and lengths from 1m to 100m enable high performance over long transmission paths. Cable Adapter cards offer thanks to numerous sizes and bandwidths optimal conditions for the use in various application requirements. The backplanes offered for PCI Express 1.0 to 3.0, optionally with one to twenty slots are perfect to add existing systems, additional PCIe slots.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 12 cm
Produkte (PCIe Expansion)

PCIe cables

PCIe Version (PCIe Expansion)

GEN 2, GEN 3

PCIe Lanes (PCIe Expansion)

PCIe x16

Datasheet: OSS-mSAS-CBL-x4-C

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