DIGI Transport WR44 RR 4G

DIGI Part No: WR44-M8G4-AE1-MD

DIGI Transport WR44 RR 4G

  • WR44 RR Cellular (LTE EMEA)
  • 4-pin Ethernet
  • 1x GPS
  • Enterprise Software Package,
  • 5 VPN Tunnels
  • DIGI Part No: WR44-M8G4-AE1-MD
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  • Base Hardware: (4) 4-pin M12 Ethernet, (1) 5-pin M12 RS-232
  • Cellular Network: 4G LTE North America/EMEA (700MHz(B12/B13/B29) / 800MHz(B20/B26) / 850MHz(B5) / 900MHz(B8) / 1700MHz(AWS)(B4) / 1800MHz(B3) / 1900MHz(B2/B25) / 2100MHz(B1) / 2300MHz(B30) / 2500MHz(B41) / 2600MHz(B7))
  • GPS: On-board
  • WiFi: 802.11ac
  • Remote Management: Digi Remote Manager
  • Power Connector: 4-pin M12
  • DC Power Cord: Included
  • Antennas: Not Included



Digi TransPort WR44 RR 4G is a rugged enterprise-class cellular router designed for rail environments. Its rail industry ratings, versatility, security features and performance make it ideal for applications such as Positive Train Control (PTC), wayside device communications and on-board passenger Internet access.

Digi TransPort WR44 RR provides a reliable primary high speed cellular network connection or can act as a secure backup connection to the existing railroad network. It features a flexible communications design with 3G/4G multicarrier GSM/CDMA cellular, plus integrated Wi-Fi b/g/n access point, serial and 4-port Ethernet switch. It also features full on-board train certifications, including AREMA C/H and EN50155. Communications interfaces include hardened connectors, including M12 for Ethernet and serial, as well as TNC connectors for antenna connections.

Digi management solutions provide easy setup, configuration and maintenance of large installations of remote Digi TransPort devices. Digi Remote Manager offers web-based device management for remote Digi cellular routers and gateways.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 12 cm
Produkte (Wireless M2M)

Transportation Routers

Wireless Interface (Wireless M2M)

Cellular 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS

Wired Interface (Wireless M2M)

Serial, USB, Ethernet

Datasheet: DIGI Transport WR44 RR 4G

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    DIGI Transport WR44 R 4G

    • WR44 R Cellular (LTE EMEA)
    • 4x Ethernet, 1x RS232,
    • Wi-Fi (B/G/N)
    • Enterprise Software Package,
    • Extended Temperature,
    •  No Antennas
    • DIGI Part No: WR44-M800-AE1-RF
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