DIGI XBee Industrial Gateway

DIGI Part No: XGI-20CZ7-EU7-W0

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DIGI XBee Industrial Gateway

  • Open-Source Python environment for application development
  • Configuration via Digi Remote Manager
  • Cellular and Ethernet WAN options
  • Wide temperature range
  • DIGI Part No: XGI-20CZ7-EU7-W0
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  • Management via Digi Remote Manager®
  • Protocols: UDP/TCP, DHCP
  • Security: TLS 1.2, Cellular Network Security

WWAN (only with Cellular Gateway)

  • 3G HSPA+, Band: B5(850), B8(900), B1(2100), B4(AWS)
  • LTE: Verizon Band 2, 4, 13 / AT&T, T-Mobile: B2(1900), B4(AWS1700), B5(850), B12/B12(700)
  • Antenna connectors:
    • HSP+ version: 1 x 50 Ω SMA (center pin: female)
    • LTE version: 2 x 50 Ω SMA (center pin: female)
  • 2x 2FF SIM slots


  • 1x RJ-45 port
  • Data rate: 10/100 Mbps (auto-sensing)
  • Full- or half duplex mode (auto-sensing)
  • Interface: Auto MDI/MDIX


  • Dimensions: 7,62 x 10,16 x 2,54 cm
  • Weight: 0,22kg
  • Material / Protection: Industrial (Metal) / IP30


  • Operating temperature: -30° to 70°C
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)


The Digi XBee Industrial Gateway is a rugged Digi XBee to IP solution. Ideal for any environment, the gateway has an extended temperature range and rugged enclosure.

The Industrial Gateway features scalable remote configuration and management of Digi XBee networks. By default, all Digi XBee data sent to the gateway is automatically available to online applications via Digi Remote Manager®. With a simple, open-source Python development environment, this gateway also enables custom applications to run locally while interfacing across existing Ethernet or cellular networks for WAN connectivity to cloud-based applications.

Digi XBee Gateway products can be managed remotely via Digi Remote Manager, supporting features like remote firmware upgrades, configuration changes and event alarms. With Digi Remote Manager, users can scale their network from a single device to hundreds of thousands of remote devices.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 12 cm
XBee® Ecosystem (Embedded Module)

Digi XBee® Gateways

Datasheet: DIGI XBee Industrial Gateway

Digi XBee Industrial Gateway – ZigBee to Ethernet

Digi XBee Industrial Gateway – ZigBee to HSPA+

Digi XBee Industrial Gateway – ZigBee Pro to Ethernet

Digi XBee Industrial Gateway – ZigBee Pro to CAT 1


  • Antenna – Cellular, 3G/4G/LTE (Indoor) – Digi Part No.: 76000926
  • Antenna – 2.4 GHz, half-wave dipole, 2.1 dBi, RPSMA male, articulating – Digi Part No.: A24-HASM-450
  • AC power supply – Standard temperature, Universal plugs (US, EU, UK, AU) to 5VDC – 2,5mm locking barrel plug – Digi Part No.: 76002021

Accessories & Related products

  • Digi 3G/4G/LTE antenna

    • Cellular antenna
    • Frequency: 3G/4G/LTE
    • Operating temp.: -40°C to 85°C
    • Dimensions: 38 x 196 x 13,8mm
    • Digi Part No: 76000926
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  • Digi dipole antenna – 2.4GHz

    • Length: 11,43cm, 2.1dBi
    • For 2.4 GHz radios using an RPSMA connector
    • Suited for 2.4 GHz XBee and XStream products
    • Digi Part No: A24-HASM-450
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  • Digi AC Power Supply – Standard Temp.

    • AC power supply
    • 5VDC, standard temperature
    • US/EU/UK/AU power cords
    • 1.8 meters cable length
    • Compatible with WR11 XT or XBee Industrial Gateway
    • Digi Part No: 76002021
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  • DIGI XBee 3 ZigBee Mesh Kit

    • XBee® 3 form factor (13 x 19mm)
    • Zigbee, 802.15.4, DigiMesh® and BLE configurable via Digi XCTU
    • Digi TrustFence security network
    • DIGI Part No: XK3-Z8S-WZM
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