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UCBox Product Family

Complete installation of a Skype for Business server in your company (On-premise or Cloud)

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› Why choose UCBox Full-Express?

Many companies are already aware of the benefits which are tied to unified communications, however, fail to introduce a cross-company UC platform mostly due to technical difficulties. Approximately 90% of SME (small-to-midsized-enterprises) stated the following objections:

Why choose UCBox Full-Express?

We have a solution in a single system:

UCBox Full-Express

UCBox Full-Express
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› How it works

Step 1: Connect UCBox Full-Express

Schritt 1 UCBox Full-Express anschließen

Step 2: Assign static IP-address

All you need is one single public static IP address and four more internal IP addresses for the server.

Schritt 2 Statische IP-Adresse vergeben

Step 3: Enter hostname and include server in domain

Schritt 3 Hostname eintragen und Server in Domäne aufnehmen

Step 4: Login as domain admin

Login at UCBox Full-Express with your domain admin account and with your password.

Schritt 4 Als Domänen-Admin anmelden

Step 5: Start auto setup

Start automatic installation process.

Schritt 5 Auto-Setup starten

Step 6: Follow instructions of installation wizard

Our comfortable auto setup wizard will guide you step by step throughout the installation process.

Schritt 6 Anweisungen des Installation-Wizard folgen

That’s it!

It’s fully operational within just one morning!

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› What is CCE-Express?

UCBox CCE-Express: Our “Cloud Connector Edition”

If you don’t have a Lync- or Skype for Business server setup within your company yet, we offer you an ideal solution with our UCBox CCE-Express!

Cloud Connector Edition is a hybrid offering that consists of a set of packaged Virtual Machines (VMs) that implement on-premise PSTN connectivity with Cloud PBX.

By deploying a minimal Skype for Business Server topology in a virtualized environment, users in your organization, whether based in the cloud or on premise, will be able to send and receive calls with landlines and mobile phones through the existing on-premise voice infrastructure.

What does CCE-Express?

There is also a solution within a single appliance:

UCBox CCE-Express

UCBox Full-Express
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