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Flash Storage Arrays

Accelerate your data transfer rate with high-performance FSA appliances

Our flash storage arrays expand storage capacity by up to 200 terabytes and perform millions of IOPS with NAND Flash. The systems also accelerate your data transfer rate from server to array up to 120 GB per second and are available in 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U chassis types. Most of our storage arrays are based on Ion Accelerator software from One Stop Systems.

Thanks to a particularly light aluminum enclosure, the arrays are particularly easy to handle during installation and thus suitable for data centers, ISR platforms and mobile transport cases. Furthermore, our 4U systems use the high-performance PCIe NVMe Flash technology with PCIe 3.0 x8 lanes, doubling the bandwidth of 2.5″ NVMe. The leaps in performance make flash storage arrays suitable for popular HPC applications such as big data, databases, and high-speed data collection and analysis.

All flash storage array appliances are preconfigured with Fusion-io flash memory or, depending on customer needs, with other PCIe cards.

  • MAGMA StorageBox 1000

    • Up to 8 NVMe SSD´s
    • 12GB/s Bandwith
    • 1HE Rackmount
    • PCIe Gen3 Connection
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  • MAGMA ExpressBox 3400 / NVMe

    • Supports x8 Gen2 (Bis zu 40Gbps)
    • Up to 7 NVMe PCIe SSD Cards
    • Small footprint
    • Daisy-Chain or End-Point Device
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  • OSS Flash mCube

    • Up to 960 Gigabyte Storage
    • Light and Compact Chassis
    • External 120W Power Supply
    • PCIe x1, PCIe x4 or Thunderbolt
    • Connection via PCIe or Thunderbolt
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  • OSS Flash Cube

    • Up to 6.4 Terrabyte Storage
    • Light and Compact Chassis
    • External 180W Power Supply
    • One PCIe x8 Gen 3 Host Connector
    • High Speed Connection via PCIe
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  • OSS 2xOpenU

    • 2U high
    • Up to 212TB Flash Storage
    • 36x PCIe x8 NAND FLASH Boards
    • 3780 Power Supply
    • Up to three PCIe 3.0 x16 Front
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  • OSS FSAn-4

    • 4U High
    • Up to 200 TB PCIe NVMe Flash
    • Support up to 8 Mio. IOPS
    • IPMI System Management
    • Supports 100GB/s Ethernet
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  • OSS FSA 200

    • 3U High
    • Up to 204.8 TB Flash Storage
    • Supports 32x PCIe Flashcards 6,4TB each
    • 1200 Watts Power Supply
    • Four PCIe x16 Gen3 Connectors
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  • OSS FSA 50

    • 2U High
    • Up to 51.2 TB Flash Storage
    • Supports 4x PCIe Flash cards
    • 1620 Watts Power Supply
    • 2x PCIe x16 Gen3 Connectors
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  • OSS FSA 25

    • 1U High
    • Up to 25.1 TB Flash Storage
    • Remote System Monitoring
    • 1620 Watts Power Supply
    • One PCIe x16 Gen3 Connector
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