With our high-performance computing solutions, we revolutionize data centers, servers and many other industrial applications by adding more and costefficient computing power, therefore improving the infrastructure.

Whether it’s GPU Servers, GPU Expansions, PCIe Expansion Kits, Expansion cards or components, BRESSNER offers high-quality HPC systems, which are important for medical, oil and gas extraction, machine learning and VDI applications, amongst others.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of new devices, most recently after the merger of the renowned manufacturer One Stop Systems with MAGMA.

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GPU Server

Our GPU servers supports both single and dual root complexes for various AI applications. For deep learning applications, a single-root complex can use all GPU clusters to focus on large learning processes and the CPU for smaller tasks. For machine-learning, a dual-root complex can assign more tasks to the CPUs and arrange less distributed learning between GPUs.

As the various applications in Edge High Performance Computing require individual platform solutions, BRESSNER supports users with customer-specific developments and adjusts the CPU, RAM and GPU to their respective needs. Before delivery, the devices are subjected to a 24-hour burn-in stress test in the laboratory. All possible systems support both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, depending on the model up to 10 slots are possible.

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Our GPU appliances and expansion systems can add hundreds or even thousands of cores to a server in a 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U device. The GPU expansions or compute accelerators are e.g. ideal for collaborating with IBM Power8 S822L or S824L servers using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. The GPU appliances are designed specifically for HPC applications such as deep learning, data centers or oil and gas exploration.

Depending on the height unit, you can choose between different GPUs: NVIDIA Tesla, Intel Xeon Phi, AMD FirePro, GeForce GTX 1080, NVIDIA Quadro M6000 or Nallatech FPGAs. In addition to the standard server rack variants, we also offer desktop versions for applications outside of server rooms.

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GPU expansions
PCIe expansions

When it comes to networking servers and PCIe devices, PCIe extensions are the high-speed standard par excellence. The expansions not only have higher performance than USB and Ethernet, but are also more reliable and cost-efficient. Having no software to install means no overhead and low latency, making the PCIe expansions attractive for a variety of applications.

In addition to complete all-in-one PCIe expansion systems, BRESSNER Technology also offers individual components such as PCIe adapters, plug & play slot cards and cables with x4, x8 or x16 standards at a fair price-performance ratio!

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