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PCIe Cards

PCIe cards for system expansion and more

When it comes to connecting peripheral devices or expanding a system with an additional function, there is no way around a PCI card.  With our wide range of high-quality PCI and PCIe cards, your systems can be expanded with various functions, ports or connections.

At BRESSNER Technology you will find a selection of different PCIe cards which are ideally suited for industrial applications or harsh environments with their additional functions or extended temperature range.

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  • PB-2500J-in-Nuvo-6000 PB-2500J

    PB-2500J-PCIe Series

    • Operating temp.: -25 °C to 65 °C
    • Capacity: 2 500 watt seconds
    • Lifetime: 10 years or 500 000 charge/discharge cycles
    • Intelligent energy management technology
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  • PCIe-PoE312M

    • Intel® I350 Gigabit Ethernet controller
    • 4x M12 x-coded connectors
    • x4, Gen2 PCI Express interface
    • delivers up to 25.5 W per port
    • Supports 9.5 kB jumbo frame
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  • PCIe-PoE334LP

    • Low-profile form-factor
    • 4x Intel® I350-AM4 server-grade GigE controller
    • IEEE 802.3at to deliver 25.5 W each port
    • IEC 6100-4-5 Class 2 surge immunity
    • Supports 9.5 kB jumbo frame
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  • PCIe-PoE352at


    • x4-PCI Express Gen2 Slots
    • Intel® I350 Gigabit Ethernet-Controller
    • 2 or 4 Gigabit PoE+ Ports
    • Delivers 25,5 W at each port
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  • PCIe-PoE550X

    • Two 10 GbE ports; Intel® X550-AT2
    • Gen3 PCI Express x4 interface
    • 10GbE with CAT-6/ 6a
    • 10GbE 802.3at PoE+
    • NBASE-T and 1000BASE-T
    • Delivers 25.5W to each port
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  • PCIe-USB340: 4-Port-USB 3.0-Hostadapter-Bilddigitalisierungskarte (Framegrabber) mit 4 unabhängigen USB 3.0-Controllern PCIE-USB380: 8-Port-USB 3.0-Hostadapter-Bilddigitalisierungskarte (Framegrabber) mit 4 unabhängigen USB 3.0-Controllern


    • x4-PCI Express® Gen2 Slot
    • 8x or 4x USB 3.0 ports
    • 4x independent host controller
    • Onboard 5 V DC power supply
    • Independent control of the power supply to the ports
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Power-over-Ethernet cards or PoE cards:

Power-over-Ethernet has established itself as a fixed term in industrial areas and describes the power supply via Ethernet cables. PoE network cards offer the possibility of supplying power to industrial peripherals not via batteries or power cables as is usually the case, but via the eight-core Ethernet cable. With our selection of PoE network cards you have the possibility to expand your Power-over-Ethernet network optimally with additional slots and can network your system efficiently.

USB 3.0 PCIe cards:

Easily expand your system with additional USB 3.0 ports via any free PCIe slot. Our range of USB cards is specially designed for industrial and vision applications and have a wide temperature range.

Power-Back-Up Cards:

In an industrial environment you need a constant power supply for consistent operation in addition to industrial grade embedded PCs to ensure 24/7 operation or data security. Our range of power back-up modules consists of innovative emergency power solutions for demanding industrial applications. The modules use supercapacitor technology and remain operational even in the harshest operating environments with temperatures ranging from -25 °C to 65 °C.