With connectivity and IoT solutions from BRESSNER to more efficiency in your industrial applications.

In the Internet of Things, objects are assigned a unique identity. This enables common communication or the acceptance of commands. With the Internet of Things, applications can be automated and tasks can be completed without external intervention.

This data exchange between workstations, machines or monitoring systems increases efficiency and reduces both costs and safety risks in complex manufacturing processes. Fast and error-free data communication is crucial for this. With serial connectivity, wireless M2M solutions, device networking, adapters and switches, we can take your application to the next level.

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are not only terms for us, but the definition for professional networking in areas such as automation, transport or medical technology.

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DIGI International

As an official Digi International sales partner, we ensure that you always have access to the wide range of industrial connectivity and IoT solutions. These include XBEE® and embedded modules, wireless M2M routers, device and console servers, cellular routers and USB over IP hubs from the renowned manufacturer. We keep a large part of the Digi International products in stock.

Network your company with high quality Gigabit Ethernet devices and manage them with the Digi Remote Manager. Our connectivity and IoT solutions are extremely reliable and, thanks to their high-quality and stable housings, are extremely resistant to interference, even with large data transmissions and under the toughest environmental conditions.

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The Connectivity and IoT solutions from Advantech and Antaira Technologies provide seamless M2M network connections wherever they are needed. As a channel partner we offer a wide range of serial converters, serial switches and serial device servers.

Ensure permanent access to your machines and systems with our selection of industrial switches. We offer you Unmanaged or Managed Ethernet Switches with redundant power supply, Gigabit or Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Switches as well as Fast Ethernet Switches with up to 16 ports, at a fair price-performance ratio. Our switches convince with serial interfaces like RS-232 or RS-232/422/285, USB converter, Ethernet LAN or via Bluetooth.

Here you will find the ideal M2M solutions for your industrial applications. Choose the right M2M connectivity solution from our product range now or let us advise you free of charge!

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Industrial Switches & Converter
Device Networking

If you want to connect devices with serial interfaces such as RS232, RS422 or RS485 ports to a LAN or WLAN network, you should take a look at our assortment of serial device networking products. The devices are not only space-saving and reliable, but can also provide optional Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition to the network devices of the renowned manufacturer Sena Technologies, BRESSNER also offers device servers with rugged metal housings and extended temperature ranges from Antaira Technologies. Our device server products also support features such as an 802.11b / g wireless interface, flexible modes, TCP / UDP multicast, Telnet COM port control protocol (RFC2217 compliant), SSL encryption, modem emulation over SSL, port logging and event handling as well as PC cards.

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Embedded computers, notebooks or flat industrial PCs can be easily expanded with additional serial ports by using RS232 or RS422 / 485 multi-port cards as well as USB to Serial converters. Additionally, the systems can supply a corresponding Bluetooth connection with Bluetooth to USB or Bluetooth to Serial adapters.

These serial Bluetooth adapter products support data rates up to 230Kbps, making them suitable for industrial applications which require data acquisition and management, as well as wireless sensor control and monitoring in production facilities. BRESSNER Technology offers you serial adapters from the device manufacturers Sena Technologies, Systembase and B + B Smartworx.

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Serial Adapter
PCIe Cards

When it comes to connecting peripheral devices or expanding a system with an additional function, there is no way around a PCI card. With our wide range of high-quality PCI and PCIe cards, your systems can be expanded with various functions, ports or connections.

Power-over-Ethernet has established itself as a fixed term in industrial areas and describes the power supply via Ethernet cables. PoE network cards offer the possibility of supplying power to industrial peripherals not via batteries or power cables as is usually the case, but via the eight-core Ethernet cable. With our selection of PoE network cards you have the possibility to expand your Power-over-Ethernet network optimally with additional slots and can network your system efficiently.

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