BRESSNER will update its corporate design until March 2019
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BRESSNER has been aquired by
One Stop Systems



Bundle forces and meet the requirements of their own customers even better. That was the motivation that drove One Stop Systems and BRESSNER Technology to unite their two companies. On November 1, 2018, systems house BRESSNER has been aquired by manufacturer One Stop Systems (OSS). Even after the takeover, BRESSNER remains an independent company.

"The new connection allows us to operate more globally to better meet the needs of our customers," explains Josef Bressner, Managing Director of Bressner Technology GmbH. BRESSNER's portfolio for automation, automotive, logistics, transport, etc. is reinforced by the additional expertise in research & development from the USA in precisely these jointly addressed industrial areas. "As the largest EMEA distributor for One Stop Systems solutions, we are now able to drive OSS PCIe products even more into the European market."

In particular, OSS's extensive experience in the area of PCIe and GPU computing will enable BRESSNER to better equip itself for topics in artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, etc., which are increasing in popularity and demand. After the takeover, the company-internal structures of BRESSNER, including the current managing directors Josef Bressner and Martin Stiborski as well as all contact persons, remain unchanged.

"The strategic acquisition of Bressner represents an expansion of our international business," says OSS president and CEO Steve Cooper. "This acquisition ensures a strong presence of OSS in Europe, which is key to our vision of rapid growth in the global market for specialized complete systems."

As part of this arrangement, BRESSNER Technology will be updating its entire corporate design by March 2019, including a brand new company logo:


BRESSNER - a One Stop Systems Company


The corporate design update will be implemented step by step, so we have to point out that until the complete conversion obsolete instances of our logo might still be in circulation. We ask for your understanding. If you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Your BRESSNER team

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