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adds4b - Smart Routing module: Setup individual routing options

adds4b™ - Smart Routing: Module with
individual routing options


We are very pleased to announce our new Smart Routing module as part of the adds4b™ product family. Our new team admin dashboard offers new and helpful call routing options, making your Skype® for Business telephony even easier to use and to manage!

The following routing criteria are now available:

  • Presence state (e.g. offline, do not disturb, busy, in a call, etc.)
  • Daytime and day of the week (e.g. working hours, lunchtime, breaks, etc.)
  • Create schedule (e.g. vacation, business trips, etc..)
  • Incoming numbers (e.g. for specific country codes)

These routing options can be set globally or per user and are part of the FonComfort™ server. Licensing can be done on a user base.

Further information on the product can be found here.

Best regards

Your BRESSNER team

New adds4b - Smart Routing team admin dashboard

NEW: With your adds4b™ - Smart Routing - team admin dashboard you can easily setup call forwarding for your Skype® for Business telephony

adds4b - Smart Routing: Forwarding criteria

Video tutorial: Forwarding presence-based

Presence state
Activate forwarding options depending on your presence state: online, away, busy, offline, etc.

Video tutorial: Forwarding time-based

Daytime / day of the week
Setup routing according to daytime (e.g. lunch break) or day of the week (e.g. working days)

Video tutorial: forwarding calling source based

Incoming caller number
Make forwarding dependent on caller number or caller source (e.g. with specific country codes)

Video tutorial: Forwarding schedule-based

Create schedule
Configure call forwarding for specific periods of time, when you're on vacation, a business trip or similar occations


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