Fanless with Intel® Xeon® 6th Gen. E3 CPU and expansion slots!
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BT-7900 series: Rugged Embedded Box PC with Intel/® Xeon® or 6th/7th gen. CPU!

BT-7900 series
Fanless Embedded Box PCs with Intel® Xeon® 6th Gen. E3 or 6th/7th Gen. Core™ i Processors


We are always dedicated to providing you the latest state of the art systems for your applications.

Our brand new BT-7900 series is offering you extensive, fanless high performance Embedded Box PCs. Due to the Intel® C236 Server Chipset it is your choice of CPUs. The system supports Intel® Xeon® 6th Gen. E3 or 6th / 7th Gen. Core ™ i processors based on your requirement.

The system is also available with up to two PCIe expansion slots.

With an optional smart fan upgrade, the systems can easily be used for high-performance computing applications, while remaining absolutely shock- and vibration-proof.

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BT-7900 embedded computer series

BT-7900 series

  • Fanless embedded computer
  • With Intel® 6th Gen. Xeon™ E3-1268L CPU or
       6th/7th Gen. Core™ i CPUs
  • Server chipset Intel® C236
  • Up to 32 GB RAM
  • 3x LAN ports (2x WGI211AT & 1x WGI219LM
       GbE with iAMT)
  • Available with and without PCIe 3.0 expansion
  • Available with RAID 1 or 0 with 2,5" HDD's or
  • Up to three simultaneous displays
  • Power supply DC 9~36V or with power
       adapter 220V
  • TPM2.0 support
  • Replace mainboard battery through the front
  • Optional smart fan
  • Optional WiFi & LTE modem with SIM slot
  • Power consumption max. 75W
  • more...

    BT-7900 Box PC features


    BT-7900 (with expansion slots)

    BT-7901/7901/7902 (w/o expansion slots)

    Sample applications

    The models of the BT-7900 series are available with different expansion slots as well as with optional smart fans. Thus the systems are perfectly suited for intensive computing applications in the fields of machine vision or industrial automation and can also be easily installed in server racks.

    If you are not sure whether the server models are suitable for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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    BT-7900 in server rack