Get all technical specs and new features of the latest FonComfort versions!
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et all technical specs and new features of the latest FonComfort versions!

FonComfort telephony suite: Technical newsletter 07/2017


we are very pleased to announce our new versions of FonComfort, containing new features as well as bug fixes. Especially the signal-R communication of the clients with the FonComfort server has been improved significantly. Below you will find a list of the most important changes and updates. Since the last released versions are now outdated, we recommend a complete update of all components to the new versions.

FonComfort Professional 2.9.5

Bulletpoint  Your top ten used forwarding contacts will be displayed now during call forwarding
Bulletpoint  Drastically improved communication for mobile work places (e.g. laptops or tablet computers in
   wired and wireless networks)
Bulletpoint  Improved settings for call and pickup window (e.g. no longer display pickup notifications during a
   call or if your presence is on "Do not disturb")
Bulletpoint  New menu point in context menu of Skype for Business client - "Forward my calls to this contact"

FonComfort QuickLink 2.6.1

Bulletpoint  A secretary can now add and remove multiple managers, i. under "Manager/assistant functions"
   or for the call forwarding button (call forwarding to the secretary), several managers can now be
   registered or selected

FonComfort Settings 1.8.1

Bulletpoint  FonComfort users in the contact field are now loaded much quicker after launching the program

FonComfort Server für Skype for Business

Bulletpoint  Expansions according to new Professional and QuickLink versions
Bulletpoint  Improved performance

Current release versions with download links (links are valid until 30th September 2017):
FonComfort Server:

FonComfort-Server-and-Plugin-Update-2015- (for Skype® for Business):

FonComfort-Server-and-Plugin-Neuinstallation-2015- (for Skype® for Business):

FonComfort Server-and-Plugin-Update-2013- (for Lync™ 2013):

FonComfort Server-and-Plugin-Neuinstallation-2013- (for Lync™ 2013):

FonComfort Settings:

FonComfort Settings 1.8.1:

FonComfort Professional:

FonComfort Pro Client 2.9.5:

FonComfort QuickLink:

FonComfort QuickLink 2.6.1:

Current information for practical use :

Order of update procedure:
We recommend executing your updates in the following order:

1. Update FonComfort Server.
2. Update FonComfort Server plugin
3. Update of respective clients (FonComfort Professional, Quicklink, Settings)

FonComfort Professional/QuickLink status query (short diagnosis):
The current connection status can be displayed for diagnostic purposes in the Professional client.
To do this, move the mouse pointer to the FonComfort icon in the taskbar, then press [CTRL] + right
click. In the extended menu, you can then select Diagnostics.

FonComfort status query

In the Quicklink client you will see the connection status in the footer of the properties window (Settings / Quicklink Settings).

FonComfort QuickLink connection status

List of all FonComfort PowerShell commands:
The FonComfort Powershell is a powerful tool for the administrator and an ideal supplement to the
Skype-Powershell. You will get an overview of the available commands automatically after starting
the FonComfort Powershell. The command "Show-Command" lists Powershell commands in a
graphic overview including their "Help".

FonComfort Powershell

We recommend you to use this newsletter to update the software to match the current releases.
Good luck with the new FonComfort versions!

Your Bressner support team