Increase your productivity with Skype for Business even further
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Skype for Business addons: New versions of the FonComfort Suite available now

New FonComfort versions for Professional, QuickLink, Settings and Server


we would like to announce the release of our latest FonComfort versions, even further increasing your comfortability und productivity with Skype for Business. Makes your phone calls easy like never before!

All updates in detail:

FonComfort Professional 2.9.5

Bulletpoint  Your top ten used forwarding contacts will be displayed now during call forwarding
Bulletpoint  Drastically improved communication for mobile workstations (e.g. laptops or tablet computers in
   wired and wireless networks)
Bulletpoint  Improved settings for call and pickup window (e.g. no longer display pickup notifications during a
   call or if your presence is on "Do not disturb")
Bulletpoint  New menu point in context menu of Skype for Business client - "Forward my calls to this contact"

FonComfort Professional
FonComfort Professional - Call handling window (version 2.9.4)

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FonComfort QuickLink 2.6.1

Bulletpoint  Several managers can now be added and managed separately

FonComfort QuickLink
FonComfort QuickLink - Team management dashboard (version 2.6.1)

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FonComfort Settings 1.8.1

Bulletpoint  FonComfort users in the contact field are now loaded much quicker after launching the program

FonComfort Server für Skype for Business

Bulletpoint  Expansions according to new Professional and QuickLink versions
Bulletpoint  Improved performance

Simply order your free and personal demo license and let us convince you of our latest FonComfort upgrades!

Yours sincerely,

Your Bressner Team