Newest Intel® power meets fanless design!
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TOUCAN-Skylake: Brandnew HMI Panel PC with current Intel CPU

TOUCAN-Skylake Panel PC: Newest 6th gen. Intel® power meets fanless design

With the easy-to-integrate multitouch Panel PC's of the TOUCAN series, BRESSNER has been showing for years how to successfully implement operating concepts for OEM customers, machine and device builders, as well as a virtually endless range of human-machine interfaces, e.g. for medical technology.

A slim design with aluminum case, PCAP multitouch displays with full HD resolution, IP65 front protection, a low power consumption as well as a variety of inputs - our customers always get the technical comfort they deserve. Of course, this also applies to the computing power of our systems!

This is exactly where we have settled our current TOUCAN-Skylake Panel PC series! The extreme performance power of the sixth generation of Intel® Core ™ CPUs meets with a proven fanless design!

TOUCAN-Skylake Panel PC

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