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Phone accessories

for SfB/Lync

We give to do everything to make phone calls at work more comfortable and efficient. Effective communication can not only have a positive effect on your productivity, it can also increase brand awareness and sales revenue. Let us help you and your company because tomorrows’ success starts with phone accessories of today!

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Why choose Busylights?

As we know, activity-based, collaborative workspaces are the new way of working. However, these environments are causing more interruptions which frustrates employees and makes them more ineffective and inefficient. This can have an impact on the company’s over productivity and is creating a huge challenge for Facility and HR/Workplace departments.

The solution is KUANDO Busylights, a real-time status indicator, to regulate the communication flow between people. Now the office space manager can facilitate an environment where people don’t get disrupted. It’s a proven concept in the open office that gives employees the ability to Visually know When the time is right to approach others in the office. This avoids unproductive ‘Office-Jams’ and improves collaboration in the company.

The following colors are integrated as Busylight standards:

Busylight presence status online    Online
Busylight presence status away    Away
Busylight presence status busy    Busy

Busylight presence status Do not disturb    Do not disturb
Busylight presence status In a call    In a call
Busylight presence status incoming call   Incoming call

Busylight Black

Busylight Black
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Busylight Omega

Busylight Omega
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Busylight Combi

Busylight Combi
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Why choose Yealink IP phones?

Yealink IP phones: design meets performance

The Desk IP phones from Yealink are intended for users with high demands on modern office communication and have been specifically designed for people who enjoy excellent products. Especially the T4 series impresses with innovative design, brandnew technology, great usability and has large displays, decreasing pen and paper works in the office. In short, the T4 series represents the latest state-of-the-art VoIP technology. The extensive range of features includes support for Gigabit networks and provides USB Bluetooth support for easy use of Bluetooth earphones. The Optima HD voice system complies with the TIA 920 certification standards and ensures the highest level of voice quality.

Yealink IP phone T48G

Yealink SIP phone: model T48G

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IP phone compatibility table

Yealink SIP-Telefon VP-T49G Yealink IP-Telefon T48G Yealink IP-Telefon T46G Yealink IP-Telefon T42G Yealink IP-Telefon T41P Yealink IP-Telefon T40P
DW Pro 1
EHS adapter neededSennheiser DW Pro 1
DW Pro 2
EHS adapter neededSennheiser DW Pro 2
DW Office
EHS adapter neededSennheiser DW Office
Bluetooth USB dongle neededSennheiser MB Pro 1
Bluetooth USB dongle neededSennheiser MB PRO 2
Presence UC
Bluetooth USB dongle neededSennheiser Presence UC

A full compatibility overview of all Yealink IP phones can be found here.

Yealink IP phones

Why choose headsets?



A headset benefits your health:
Jamming up the phone between your shoulder and ear causes pain in the back and neck.
Wearing a headset puts an end to this:
It allows convenient upright posture and effectively prevents painful tension.



A headset is really worth the effort: You can use both hands in a phone call while being able to type on your keyboard, flip through your documents or take notes. No need to interrupt the call!



You don’t have to sit at your office desk anymore if you use a wireless headset. Move around the office while still having a phone call. Use a Bluetooth® headset and you may even leave the office for a walk while getting your business done!

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ActiveGard® technology

Protect your hearing

During each phone call you are potentially exposed to extremely loud – somestimes even dangerous – levels of noise. Using this knowledge, Sennheiser headsets for contact centers and offices have been equipped with the innovative and patented ActiveGard® technology which allows users to protect their hearing:
Sudden volume peaks are reduced to a safe and comfortable level which benefits both call partners.

Sound sample with ActiveGard®
Sound sample w/o ActiveGard®
ActiveGard® technology

Compatibility table

Softphones Wireless DECT series Wireless Bluetooth® series Wired USB series Speakerphone series
Kabellos DECT-Serie
Kabellos Bluetooth Serie
Kabelgebunden USB Serie
Speakerphone Serie
Skype for Business (Plug-n-Play) (Plug-n-Play) (Plug-n-Play) (Plug-n-Play)
Cisco Jabber
Version 11.0 or higher
(Plug-n-Play)¹ (Plug-n-Play)¹ (Plug-n-Play)¹ (Plug-n-Play)¹
Unify Openscape
Version V7R1 or higher
(Plug-n-Play)⁴ (Plug-n-Play)⁴ (Plug-n-Play)⁴ (Plug-n-Play)⁴
NFON Nsoftphone
Version 8.0.0 or higher
(Plug-n-Play)⁴ (Plug-n-Play)⁴ (Plug-n-Play)⁴ (Plug-n-Play)⁴
Avaya One-X Communicator
Version or higher
(Call Control with HeadSetup™)³ (Call Control with HeadSetup™)³ (Call Control with HeadSetup™)³ (Call Control with HeadSetup™)³
Avaya One-X Agent
Version 2.0.08126.0 or higher
(Call Control with HeadSetup™)³ (Call Control with HeadSetup™)³ (Call Control with HeadSetup™)³ (Call Control with HeadSetup™)³

A full compatibilty table of all Softphones can be found here.
1 Older versions of Sennheiser Cisco Jabber-plugin can be found here:
3 Sennheiser HeadSetup™ can be found here:
4 By implementing Sennheiser software into the Softphone

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