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The FonComfort™ telephony suite expands the classic Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync™ with additional features. Be more comfortable using your softphone!

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> Who uses FonComfort?
> What are the contents of the suite?
> What are the main functions?
> What do I get with each package?
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Who uses FonComfort?

  • Manage all configurations with Team Manager/QuickLink
  • Set up automatic call forwarding
  • Easily forward incoming calls (with or without consultative call) to your supervisor or colleague
FonComfort User Secretaries
  • Easily forward all calls to your assistant
  • Automatically alert callers that you are busy or in another call
  • Stay available for your colleagues or family by setting up exceptions
  • Put unwanted callers on a black list
FonComfort User Management
  • Quick setup with our smart installation wizard
  • Change Skype settings for other users by using a simple graphic interface
  • Automatically make changes by using the powerful FonComfort Power Shell tool
FonComfort User Admins und Supports
  • Easily pick up your colleagues’ calls
  • Use hot keys for quick dialing and calling
  • Forward calls to your next free colleague (with or without consultative call)
FonComfort User Sales, Purchase and many more

What are the contents of the suite?

FonComfort diagram

What are the main functions?

Call PickUp

  • Easily pick up your colleagues’ call with one click
  • Picking up group calls is also possible


  • If the called person is currently on the phone, the caller gets an optical and audible signal
  • Individual setup possible

Team Manager

  • Easily setup call forwarding for your manager or colleagues by using the QuickLink dashboard
  • Forward calls from your manager to your phone with just one click
Team Manager

Hot keys

  • Pick or hang up calls comfortably with one hot key
  • Select and quick dial phone numbers from any application
Hot keys

Dynamic routing

The Dynamic routing can be optionally enabled on the FonComfort™ service. Dynamic routing uses SQL user-programmable logic to direct calls to the desired destinations.
Some application examples:

  • Area code-based routing
  • ANI-routing to the appropriate person in charge
  • Table-controlled routing based on schedule of staff on-duty
  • Overlay routing in addition to Skype for Business/Lync™ routing (e.g. special manager / call scenarios)
  • Presence-based routing available for the first employee
  • Customer status or segment-based routing
  • Time-based routing is possible via SQL
Dynamic routing

Central administration

  • Second call handling, call forwarding and edit presence of other people via settings
  • Administration via GUI or PowerShell
Central Administration

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What do I get with each package?

Function FonComfort Lite FonComfort Server FonComfort Professional FonComfort QuickLink
FonComfort Lite Logo
FonComfort Server Settings Logo
FonComfort Professional Logo
QuickLink Team Manager Logo
Central configuration of additional functions  
Busy-on-Busy (set individually for each user)  
Busy-on-Busy with exceptions  
Second call redirect (set individually for each user)
Blind Call Pickup (fast Pickup of longest ringing call)  
Group Pickup (Pickup a call for a member of the group)  
Specific Call Pickup  
Pickup groups from AD  
Support of AD-Forests  
Dual forking / parallel calls (SimulRing)  
Dual forking (can be restricted to internal calls only)  
Dynamic routing (option with costs, routing database, e.g. area code-based, time-controlled etc.)  
Call forwarding for response groups  
Call forwarding with exceptions    
Display ringing status in the client  
Specific Call Pickup with caller info display      
Quick transfer with or without consultation  
Hot keys for faster call handling  
Direct dial of selected phone numbers with hot key    
Caller history (option with costs)      
CRM pops up with a known caller    
Suppress second calls when you are already dialing a number    
Transfer with or without consultative call    
Ongoing calls can be expanded to a three-person conference    
Make calls on behalf of others      
One click call management      
Redial last contact      
Manager/admin functions      
Change settings for others (e.g. forwading, presence, etc.)    
Advanced presence information (e.g. caller info, forwarding)      
Return call lists (also for team)      
User definable Pickup group ring tone      
User definable GUI pop up toasts set to users preference    
DTMF dialing after setting up the connection      

All product packages

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  • FonComfort-Professional-Properties_1000x800FONCOMFORT-PRO_1000x800

    FonComfort Professional

    • Phone PlugIn for Skype for Business
    • Server-Client-Version
    • Efficient call handling
    • FonComfort call controll window
    • Including Busylight signaling

    excl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

  • foncomfort-quicklink_startfenster_v2-6-0_1000x800FONCOMFORT-QUICKLINK_1000x800

    FonComfort QuickLink

    • Phone Plugin for Skype for Business
    • Manager/assistant and team dashboard
    • For assistants and frequent callers
    • 1 click phone functions
    • Detailed presence overview

    excl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

  • FonComfort-Server-Configuration_1000x800FONCOMFORT-SERVER_1000x800

    FonComfort Server

    • Phone Plugin for Skype for Business
    • Server version (without client)
    • Central administration via GUI, Powershell
    • Call pickup, Busy on Busy, call forwarding, etc.

    excl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

  • FonComfort-Lite-Ruffenster_1000x800FONCOMFORT-LITE_1000x800

    FonComfort Lite

    • Phone PlugIn for Skype for Business
    • Client version (w/o server)
    • replaces SfB call monitor
    • efficient call handling
    • including Busylight signaling

    excl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten