FonComfort Server

  • Phone Plugin for Skype for Business on-prem
  • Server version (without client)
  • Central administration via GUI, Powershell
  • Call pickup, Busy on Busy, call forwarding, etc.

Call pickup

  • Via DTMF code or phone button
  • Via pickup contact in the Skype for Business client
  • Pickup longest ringing call
  • Centrally configurable via ActiveDirectory
  • Users can be in multiple pickup groups

Second call treatment

  • Avoids interruptions
  • Real Busy on Busy – with VIP list of exceptions
  • Allow or redirect 2nd call
  • 2nd call is handled when 1st call is dialing/ringing

Call forwarding

  • Forward calls independent on Skype for Business settings, can be used in parallel
  • Linking of forwardings
  • Central or decentralized configurable via FonComfort settings application, individual for each Skype for Business client

Parallel ringing

  • On external phones (PBX-, DECT-, mobile phones)
  • Replaces „Dual-Forking“ of Microsoft
  • On different phones possible (PBX- and mobile phones)

Central administration

  • Graphic administration of all FonComfort settings with FonComfort Settings tool
  • FonComfort Powershell enables script-based administration
  • Delegates, teams, office hours also configurable


  • Lync 2010, Lync 2013, Skype for Business
  • Windows 7, 8 und 10
  • Kuando Busylight


FonComfort expands Skype® for Business with essential telephony features


The FonComfort suite extends Microsoft® Skype® for Business with many essential telephony features such as call pickup, group call, individual second call handling, busy on busy, concatenated call forwarding as well as hot keys for quick selection. Thus, FonComfort complements Skype® for Business with many features that are already familiar from the classic telecommunication environment.

The FonComfort suite provides the world’s largest flexibility in customer requirements for Skype® for Business telephony functions, with a pure client or server solution as well as a combination of these two. The current releases of the FonComfort suite are waiting for you with numerous new features. These include, amongst others, a call extension to a 3-person conference while forwarding as well as an improved search while transferring, by listing the most frequently used contacts. Direct connection to specific contact channels and new function buttons allow a much simpler switching within a single application.


Specifically designed for customers’ needs


Over 200 customer installations have been implemented worldwide. As an important reference customer, Bressner Technology cites the EUROVIA company, which represents the entire value chain in the transport industry with a nationwide market presence. EUROVIA has already successfully implemented the FonComfort Add-on from Bressner for years. The technical director at EUROVIA commented: “In the course of the introduction of Microsoft® Skype® for Business, we have noticed that it is much too static for phoning and has a very limited range of functions.

That is why we have searched for a software that expands this functionality accordingly and adapts itself better to the needs of the users. We miss the features of Skype® for Business, which are standard with common telephone systems. We have looked at several solutions in addition to the FonComfort solution from Bressner Technology, however, they were too static. What we liked most about FonComfort was the overview of the groups – Microsoft® Skype® for Business without expansions is only a visual representation.

Very important for our employees are the pickup function and the uncomplicated forwarding of conversations, which is very well implemented in FonComfort. FonComfort has now been deployed at all major sites (approximately 50) and is used and appreciated by approximately 1,000 employees.”

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 x 20 x 12 cm
Produkte (Skype for Business Addons)

Software for Skype for Business

Funktionen (FonComfort)

Busy-on-Busy, Call Pickup, Central Administration


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  • FonComfort Lite

    • Phone PlugIn for Skype for Business
    • Client version (w/o server)
    • replaces SfB call monitor
    • efficient call handling
    • including Busylight signaling

    excl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

  • FonComfort Professional

    • Phone PlugIn for Skype for Business on-prem
    • Server-Client-Version
    • Efficient call handling
    • FonComfort call controll window
    • Including Busylight signaling

    excl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

  • FonComfort Quicklink Dashboard mit Managerfunktionen

    FonComfort QuickLink

    • Phone Plugin for Skype for Business on-prem
    • Manager/assistant and team dashboard
    • For assistants and frequent callers
    • 1 click phone functions
    • Detailed presence overview

    excl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten



  • No client rollout
  • AD synchronisation
  • Specific authorisation rights for team administrators
  • Including administration tool FonComfort-Settings
  • Functions independent form Skype for Business terminal devices
  • Black list

Art.No.: 18926

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