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DRAM Products

DDR4 and DDR3 components for demanding applications

Our Dynamic RAM (DRAM) products offer high-performance DDR3 or DDR4 components for graphic applications and image processing. They are also commonly used for IPC and embedded systems and provide better quality, reliability as well as endurance against vibration, industrial temperature or other harsh environmental conditions. DDR4 module is the evolutionary transition from DDR3, supporting features and functions that offer lower power, higher performance, and better manufacturability over earlier DRAM products. The features supported by DDR4 are well suited for customers who are under pressure to increase the bandwidth capabilities of their equipment to support the growth of online traffic.

BRESSNER also offers the much more widespread DDR3 standard which is also supported by the latest processors and chipsets.

If you are unsure which choice is the right one for you, we will gladly consult you for free!