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Industrial Flash

Our portfolio of high quality industrial flash storage solutions consists of high quality SLC & MLC NAND flash and DRAM memory modules from leading manufacturers such as ATP Electronics Inc.

With robust design, advanced wear-leveling and smooth operation at higher temperature ranges BRESSNER delivers standards that are required, for example in networks, telecommunications or the automotive industry. Recently, we also added industrial flash memory products with advanced firmware technology aMLC.

Make your selection from our SSDs, Memory Cards, EmbeddedSATA, eUSB and DRAM products!

Product categories

Industrial SSD

Industrial Solid State Drives deliver outstanding speed and guaranteed reliability and are therefore perfect for thin clients, but also for enterprise storage systems. Additional power protection mechanisms, like ATP’s PowerProtector ensure data integrity during power failure scenarios.

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Memory Cards

Our industrial memory cards are designed for industrial applications such as navigation systems, vehicle recorder, handheld devices and systems. We offer our products with different storage capacities and types, which also includes form factors like SD, microSD, CFast and CompactFlash.

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Embedded Modules

Embedded modules are designed for great reliability and performance under small constraining and fulfill all requirements for critical environments and enterprises. We separate into different form factors with various capacities such as mSATA & mSATA mini, SATA DOM, Slim SATA, eUSB SSDs as well as USB-sticks.

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DRAM Products

Our Dynamic RAM (DRAM) products offer high-performance DDR3 or DDR4 components for graphic applications and image processing. They are also commonly used for IPC and embedded systems and provide better quality, reliability as well as endurance against vibration, industrial temperature or other harsh environmental conditions.

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