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High Performance Computing

With our high-performance computing solutions, we revolutionize data centers, servers and many other industrial applications by adding more and costefficient computing power, therefore improving the infrastructure.

Whether it’s GPU Expansions, PCIe Expansion Kits, Expansion cards / components or Flash Storage Arrays, BRESSNER offers high-quality HPC systems, which are important for medical, oil and gas extraction, machine learning and VDI applications, amongst others.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of new devices, most recently after the merger of the renowned manufacturer One Stop Systems with MAGMA.

Product categories

GPU Computing

Our GPU computing products can add hundreds or even thousands of cores on a server in a 1U, 2U or 4U appliance. The Compute Accelerators are ideally suited to operate with e.g. IBM Power8 S822L or S824L servers, operating NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

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PCIe Expansion

PCIe expansion is the standard for high speed connectivity from a server to a PCIe device. Vastly higher performance than USB or Ethernet,  PCIe expansion is simple, reliable, cost-effective. No software to install means no overhead and low latency. PCIe expansion has proven reliable across a multitude of applications.

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PCIe Expansion Systems

PCIe Expansion Systems provide a high-performance and low latency solution for expanding PCIe slots outside any computer – laptop, workstation, server or blade center. Add only 1 slot or up to 16 slots in separate chassis with dedicated power and cooling.

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Flash Storage Arrays

Our Flash Storage Arrays expand your storage capacities with hundreds of terabytes and deliver millions of IOPS with NAND flash. The systems accelerate your data transfer rate up to 120 GB per second from server to array and are available in 1U, 2U and 3U.

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