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As an official distribution partner of DIGI and we make sure that you always have access to the wide range of industrial connectivity solutions of the renowned manufacturer. These include wireless M2M routers, device- and console servers, cellular routers and USB over IP hubs.

Transfering data between workstations, machines or monitoring systems increases efficiency and reduces both cost and security risks in complex manufacturing processes. A fast and lossless data communication is crucial here. With serial connectivity, wireless M2M solutions, device networking, adapters and switches we aim to assist you wherever you need us to.

Product categories

Wireless M2M Connectivity

Wireless data exchange between machines and other systems is still an important topic in industrial communication. By that, we offer wireless M2M routers, cellular routers and VPN concentrators which are particularly interesting for industries such as automation and manufacturing processes, traffic monitoring or smart grid assets.

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Serial Connectivity

The serial interface, amongst other interaces, is an established connectivity option in industrial applications. To ensure appropriate connectivity even with this standard, we offer a variety of external device servers, IA device servers, serial cards, adapters and many more.

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USB Connectivity

By using network-attached USB over IP hubs you can connect up to 14 USB peripheral devices with a PC via local-area-network. Furthermore, we offer USB to serial converters, Hubport | Powered USBs and remote display connections for your industrial applications.

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Medical Server

DIGI’s medical serial server such as the Connect ES series are compatible with IEC 60601 3rd Edition and consist of four or eight galvanically isolated RS-232 serial ports, amongst others. Connect ES is used in applications that provide Ethernet connections from serial devices to the central data management system.

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