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Connectivity (IoT)

With BRESSNER you have a competent partner for communication solutions for mission-critical industrial applications.

Transfering data between workstations, machines or monitoring systems increases efficiency and reduces both cost and security risks in complex manufacturing processes. A fast and lossless data communication is crucial here. With serial connectivity, wireless M2M solutions, device networking, adapters and switches we aim to assist you wherever you need us to.

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are not just concepts – for us they are the definition of professional connectivity in big industries such as automation, transportation or medical technology.

Product categories

DIGI International

As an official distribution partner of DIGI and we make sure that you always have access to the wide range of industrial connectivity solutions of the renowned manufacturer. These include wireless M2M routers, device- and console servers, cellular routers and USB over IP hubs.

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Industrial Switches and Converter from B+B Smartworx as well as Antaira Technologies

B+B SmartWorx’ and Antaira Technologies’ connectivity solutions create seamless M2M network connections wherever they are needed. Accordingly, as a channel partner, we bring a broad range of serial converters, serial switches and serial device servers to the market.

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Device Networking

If you want to connect devices with serial interfaces such as RS232, RS422 or RS485 ports to a LAN or WLAN network, you should take a look at our assortment of serial device networking products. The devices are not only space-saving and reliable, but can also provide optional Bluetooth connectivity.

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Serial Adapter

Embedded computers, notebooks or flat industrial PCs can be easily expanded with additional serial ports by using RS232 or RS422 / 485 multi-port cards as well as USB to Serial converters. Additionally, the systems can supply a corresponding Bluetooth connection with Bluetooth to USB or Bluetooth to Serial adapters.

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